Category Shift of Noun Phrase in the Short Story of “The Backward Fall”

Nurhayati Irmawan


In accordance with Catford (1965:73)  illustrated that  translation shift was categorized into two major types: Level Shift and Category Shift.  This study is conducted so as to find out the category shift of noun phrase in the Indonesian translation  of The Backward Fall by Jason Hermandollar that is  Jatuh ke Atas by Harum Wibowo. The data were collected by using the Source Text ( the English text) and the Target Text (the Indonesian text). Listing all the noun phrases used in Source Text with their Indonesian translation then identifying the category shifts based on Catford’s theory ( 1965:76) which were classified into Structure Shift, Class Shift, Unit Shift and Intra System Shift. The results of the study found that the Structure shift was dominant (25,52%)  then followed by Intra-system Shift (17,57%). Class Shift (2,93%) and Unit Shift (3,76%) were rarely used in the study. Furthermore,, it was interesting that several combinations of  the shifts were also found such as Unit Shift+Intra-System Shift (15,90%), Structure Shift+Unit Shift (18,41%),and  Structure Shift+ Intra-System Shift (15,06%). The findings of the research  may be good for a supplementary guideline of similar studies.     

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