Strategi Peningkatan Usaha Kecil Menengah Melalui Inovasi dan Teknologi di Perdagangan Internasional (Studi kasus : UKM Batik di Indonesia )

Susan Rachmawati, Nurvi Oktiani


During the economic crisis hit Indonesia and many companies out of business SMEs have increased in
both number and amount of employment generated exports. Batik one culture that is owned by the people of
Indonesia and is well known by the community both locally, nationally, regionally and internationally and
therefore make it easier for SMEs to conduct international trade supported by innovation and technology
that can be exploited by the perpetrators of SMEs in developing a business.The research method used by the
authors is a good secondary data obtained from Connecticut ,another observator results and various
literature that support writing this.Oneway that can be done by the SMEs in marketing their products abroad
are using e-commerce using the Internet facilities so that they can market their products for 24 hours without
stopping for at the venue to access the Internet

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