Baiatun Nisa


One of the very important skills in English is reading. This language skill is needed by the students in the
way of enriching their knowledge by comprehending a lot of information written in English. Unfortunately,
most of Indonesian junior high school students are still low quality of comprehending written English.
Paying attention to the scores of English National Examination are around 4 and 5. There are, actually,
several components which make good quality of education in a school. One of them is good instructional
process. For this purpose, the writer motivated to comprehend deeply the process of instruction in the
class, especially in a very important aspect in English reading instructional process. This research
objective is to get deeply comprehensive understanding of English reading instructional process in the
class that can increase students reading competence in English especially at SMPIT Al-Huda Bekasi. The
result of research shows that English reading instruction in eighth year students of SMPIT Al-Huda runs
well. It can facilitate the students develop their reading competence according to their academic needs that
is to understand English text. The competence can be possessed by using many kinds of text, applying three
reading procedures; pre-reading, whilst reading, and post reading. These procedures facilitate the students
to be able to use interactive process.

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