Ali Khumaidi, Nuke L Chusna


The ability of telling about the history or the story requires a clear understanding, coherent and strong
imagination. So far in the delivery of the story at school mostly done by telling it, so that when middle school
students were told to recount about a history of experiencing many difficulties. Lack of media used in story
telling, how to tell which is less fun and told in conventional systems that are less attractive to cause less
pahamnya students about historical stories. In this study, the authors propose the use of mobile technology
and media picture to improve motivation and memory, the material in the story or history. Because the
general picture is easier to understand than the text and students prefer to interact on mobile technology. So,
with happy feelings students may be more motivated to learn and memory of the matter into sharper. The
application that contains material illustrated stories will be installed on the mobile phone users. The results
showed that the use of picture story more applications to increase understanding of the material. If prior to
using the application, testing with 20 samples of students obtained 6 students or 30%, which meets thorough
understanding in answering questions and re-telling material. Meanwhile, after using the applications of
students who meet the exhaustiveness of 15 students or 75%.

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