Rio Wirawan


The one implementation of Web 2.0 which is in the form of social networking sites (social networking sites),
has changed the order and the way people in his virtual life on the Internet. Social networking sites allow
everyone can share data and information very easily and quickly, making it easier for everyone to give each
other opinions and discussions on data and information is shared.
Online tutorial is a tutorial through the internet. With the online tutorials, to permit two-way communication
in distance education teaching materials which causes a given seem more human. Individual characteristics
of the e-tutor will be reflected in their contributions to online discussions. They refer to 'habits of mind', the
facilitator attributes such as: consciousness thought to myself, looking for accuracy, open mind, taking the
position, and becoming sensitive to other people - all of which influence how they interact with students in
online discussions .
This research will develop a concept-based e-tutor with web 2.0 technologies that are expected to change the
way online learning becomes more dancing, interactive, and allows users to discuss or exchange information
with one another. With the e-tutors, users are expected to provide better information or provide the more
qualified materials due to the e-tutoring systems which cost the users as the royalty given to the instructor in
a specific policy

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