Arfhan Prasetyo


This study aims to determine how much influence customer purchasing interest for the Muslim woman to use
online store medina agency website, and also to identify factors that are interconnected and affect the interest
of Islamic products for customers buying a Muslim woman and identify information technology acceptance
model form of e-commerce to boost interest in buying the product un-Islamic for a Muslim woman customer
at madina agency website online store. The model used to describe the relationship of the factors that
influence customer interest in the Muslim woman in the process of buying Islamic products or transacting
business online this is the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) using Structural Equation Modelling
(SEM) on the software Analysis of Moment Structure ( AMOS) version 7.0. Results of hypothesis testing can
be concluded that Perceived Usefulness (PU) or the perception of usefulness of using the website have a
positive and significant impact on Purchasing Intention (PI) to purchase the interest of Islamic products,
Percevied Ease Of Use (PEOU) or the perceived ease of women using the website have a positive and
significant of Purchasing Attitude (PA) or attitudes toward the purchase of Islamic products and Subjective
Norm (SN) or subjective norms have a positive and significant impact on Purchasing Intention (PI) or an
interest to purchase the product un-Islamic. The conclusion from this study that the factors that may affect the
customer (Muslim woman) in using the website online stores medina agency as a means of transacting
business is the perception of usefulness (PU) in using the website and subjective norms (SN) would generate
interest for Islamic product purchase. Perception of convenience would affect attitudes to customers in the
process of purchasing the product un-Islamic.

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