Ragimun Ragimun, Kaman Nainggolan


Satisfaction and loyalty of an airline passenger is one indicator of the performance of the airline. Garuda Indonesia as one of today's national airline that continues to improve its performance. One way Garuda Indonesia is doing is to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of its passengers. Factors affecting passenger satisfaction and loyalty, including ticket price and quality of service. The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of price and quality of service on the satisfaction and loyalty of passengers of Garuda Indonesia airline. To analyze the relationship between independent variables and the dependent variable, a moderating variable was included, namely the diversity of flight time options that can strengthen or weaken the effect of satisfaction on loyalty passengers Garuda Indonesia. This study uses primary data collected from passengers Garuda Indonesia with a sample size of 160 respondents. Sampling technique was used purposive sampling. To analyze the data used Equilibrium Structural Modeling (SEM) with AMOS tools 18 and SPSS 17. Results of analysis indicated that the ticket price and service quality has a significant and positive influence on satisfaction and loyalty. However, the quality of service does not directly affect the loyalty significantly. Ticket prices impacted on satisfaction and loyalty significantly. Excellent quality of service satisfaction directly and indirectly has a positive impact on loyalty. But the diversity of flight time such as morning, noon and night did not influence  prices and quality of service, the satisfaction, and loyalty of passengers Garuda Indonesia.

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