Business crime as social phenomenon intrudes much on the structures of National economy. Business crime is a term having sociological and conceptual characters. The situation could occur for the crime is a term in criminal law commonly called Malaperse, the actions against the law and in the contrary, if the actions against the law is currently found in National’s stipulation commonly called Malaprohibita.
The implementation of intended crime and violence as well as its relation with the economy or business is caused by the national role and the growth of condition or the social order in the community to achieve the welfare. As a result, business or economic crime is the national effort as a regulator, business agent either as subject or object as well as the community as an environment. The elements above have to correlate each other in order to achieve the welfare by decreasing the business crime.
Since the above factors are integrative and accumulative towards the goal of economic development such as the welfare and just, so the objective to eradicate the business crime is necessarily required by conducting the preemptive measures by eliminating collative factors; preventive measures by creating law engineering as well as economical engineering by eliminating the hazard possibility in term of law and economy; and the repressive efforts, like law enforcement focused on the curative dimension or recovering the business attitudes to create the harmony and conducive atmosphere in economical activities. Therefore, the prevention of business crime is
multi-dimensional, starting from enforcing the business ethics to enforcing the law.

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