Ian Nurpatria Suryawan


In General, every college has certainly has a number of student who wants a quality, i.e. any prospective students coming from high school favorite come from all over Indonesia. Therefore, any top-tier colleges compete race held various activities in order to raise the quality of students, such as: via PMDK, entrance test held at high school intelligent race favorite, closely to all high school students in Indonesia. All this activity a lot of spending the funds does little. This course should be supported with the students who are already studying in the campus feel, particularly University students, making learning to be a pride of place in the family and friends from X University students. So that the candidate can grow his interest for admission in College, then must have lecturers a minimum styled Magister lecturer, teaching lecturer, suitability of the way taught by the teaching Units, as well as the timeliness of the lecture lecturer teaching, have a professional certification in accordance with the field being taught, as well as building facilities and infrastructure are supported with adequate student services that are satisfactory. The above will be the variable that influences (variable X1- variable X, etc ...), whereas the variables that influenced the variable X is the variable Name Of the University (variable Y). The variables were tested by using Hypothesis Ha and Ho. to obtain such data, the research team spread the questionnaires to 100 students from the University of X. After the data is obtained, then the next team of researchers are looking for is there any influence of big name University of x. to look for her, the research team using the method of correlation. This research aims to get a description of the pride of the University's student-X at the time they decided to become students of the University Researchers want to know X that anything they are proud of the University of x. Researchers want to get the real picture about it. The usefulness of this study of disciplines relating to management, marketing management in particular, which is believed to be a theory of efficient and effective marketing for a University.

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