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In our country today it is common knowledge that there is a mismatch between education and
employment needs, so that many of the graduates slam the steering to work in fields different from learned
disciplines and most importantly, get a job. Effect of the global crisis affecting economic conditions resulted
in the number of educated unemployment. Total labor force college graduates continues to increase which
will inevitably require a solution to overcome them. Entrepreneurship is the answer of the solution, the
current direction pendidikanpun no longer produce graduates who are just as job seekers, but to instill
entrepreneurial spirit of understanding so as to raise the motivation and competence as an entrepreneur and
even enter the learning curriculum entrepreneurship in the lecture has endorsmen that is creating a graduate
as a creator of employment (job creators). This study aimed to identify the factors that influence the
motivation and competence and to identify how the model can describe the dominant factors are
interconnected and influence on student behavior in the application of entrepreneurship courses with the title
"The Effect of Motivation and Competence In The Behaviour Student Application Teaching Entrepreneurship
in a Higher Education. " This study used a model to describe the relationship-related factors that influence
motivation and competence of student behavior in the application of entrepreneurial subjects with data
analysis using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) on the software Analysis of Moment Structure (AMOS)
version 16.0. The variables used in this study is the latent exogenous variables as independent variables (X),
as well as endogenous latent variables as the dependent variable (Y). From the research result shows that the
application of entrepreneurship courses is influenced by the presence of motivation. With the motivation in
its application it will acquire a competence and competence will arise the desire for entrepreneurship, so
that the cadres of self-employment among women will significantly actualized.

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