Rusda Wajhillah, Agung Wibowo, Eni Heni Hermaliani


Growth of making software non-stopped to rapidly grow along with growth and make-up of quality of
itself software. Besides that, making software is also developed by time to and expense of software
development earn more economical. One of methodologies of software development which start a lot of used
at the moment is method instruct the proven object able to assist all analyst and system designer and also
computer programming in development of various software. At this writing is done stuff by a method instruct
the object in course of software development of at phase analyses the, scheme and implementation by taking
case of concerning visualization of sequence algorithm. The case study is implementation in a software
prototype visualizing the sequence algorithm. Making software visualizing the this sequence algorithm is
addressed to assist the student in comprehending algorithm programming specially algorithm of
programming sequence, where presented by animation from sequence process to a[n data of array of have
type to of integer and items of sequence algorithm. In the software implementation use the tools that is
language Java 1.1.6 to build the applet animation integrated with the page web develop with the format
HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language).

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