Pengembangan Menulis Kreatif Melalui Wattpad

Dina Purnama Sari


Writing is one of the skills that writers have. To have these skills, the author can develop it through various media, one of the online media. Among the online media, namely By using Wattpad, both writers and readers can develop creative writing. This is because Wattpad is a community e-book that can be used readers and writers to read various stories both fiction and nonfiction and provide comments and votes. In addition, each member can follow one account with other members. Wattpad can be read through computers, handphone, and tablets making it easy to participate by using the media. Wattpad is also an application that can be used to write and read various writings such as blogs so that its function is similar to blogger. The research method used is qualitative descriptive based on phenomological. Data obtained based on observations, literature study, and interviews with two speakers who use Wattpad as the development of their own writing creativity. With regard to the object of research, the creativity of writing is limited only to authors as Wattpad users. The result of his research is Wattpad is one of the effective media to develop creative writing both beginners and professionals accompanied with technological capabilities and information related to the application.

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