Perilaku Konsumen Pengaruhnya Terhadap Pengambilan Keputusan Dibidang Marketing Mix

Seno Sudarmono Hadi


Consumer behavior is the process through which a person / organization in finding, purchasing, using, evaluating, and dispose of the product or service after consumption to meet their needs. Consumer behavior will be demonstrated in several phases: before purchasing, purchase and after purchase. At the stage before the consumer purchases will do a search related information products and services. At this stage of the purchase, the consumer will buy the product, and at the stage after purchase, consumers make consumption (use of the product), the evaluation of product performance, and ultimately dispose of the product after the activities of individuals who are directly involved in obtaining and using goods and services included in the decision making process of preparation and determination of these activities Consumers, may be an individual or an organization, they have a different role in the consumption behavior, they may play a role as an initiator, influencer,buyer,payer or user.In an effort to better understand its customers so as to meet the needs and desires of consumers, the company can classify customers into groups that have a certain similarity, namely a breakdown by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.By knowing the behavior of consumers, so businesses, especially in the industrial sector (Manufacturing) will easily in the decision making process in the field of Marketing Mix is a decision in the field of pricing, types of products, a market the products produced as well as decision-making in the field of promotion. Research methodology in this paper is a literature method by reading books and literature related to consumer behavior and marketing strategy called marketing mix By knowing the factors that influence consumer behavior, the producer will be easier in determining mIx Marketing strategy such as determining the product produced, the price of the product, where the product is sold and the type of promotion that will be used in marketing the products sold tersebut.Dengan know the factors that affect behavior the consumer then the success in sales can be achieved

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