Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Kesehatan Terhadap Kepuasan Pasien Peserta BPJS Pada RS Hermina Daan Mogot Jakarta

Dirgahayu Erri, Arlin Arlin


In this development, the hospital is not only a healing option, but also oriented towards prevention services, every hospital competences in providing the best service to its customers. Hermina Daan Mogot Hospital is one of the private hospitals that cooperate with government program that is BPJS (Social Security Administering Body) which have duty to give service and health support to society. The hospital also houses referral services from Puskesmas and Faskes (Health Facilities) such as clinics or treatment centers in collaboration with BPJS. That's why the author tries to make the final task on the quality of health services at Hospital Hermina Daan Mogot. Outline in writing this Final Project using outline quantitative with validity and realibility instrument test. From the results of research Influence of Health Service Against Customer Satisfaction at Hermina Daan Mogot Hospital can be seen that correlation coefficient test of 0.699 which means service has a strong and positive relationship to customer satisfaction. Test t can be obtained t count of 8.181 and t table 1.994 with the provision of two-party test-t table ≥ t then Ho is rejected and Ha accepted. Determination coefficient test obtained results of 48.9%, which means service factors affect the customer satisfaction of 48.9% and 51.1% influenced by other factors that do not exist in this study. Regression equation test is Y = 32.642 + 0529X which means if there is no service then the value of customer satisfaction is 32.642 and if service increases 1 then customer satisfaction increased by 0,529

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