Lembaga Keuangan Mikro Syariah Sebagai Solusi Alternatif Pemberdayaan Usaha Mikro

Ais Zakiyudin


Microfinance Institutions Sharia or abbreviated LKMS with its range are typical, although it can serve the community at the lowest level though. Capital they need on average very small, this is because the volume of business they are too small. For traders who only have a stall, they require less capital is between five hundred thousand rupiah up to three million. To make a payment, sometimes they can not do on a monthly basis. This is due to limited cash management capabilities. Installment on a daily basis is a way for the loan installments can be done properly and consistently. The relationship between LKMS the borrower is a partner or member. In an ideal Islamic economy tries to produce a compromise between micro traders and owners of capital, by providing moral determination and impose a moral obligation on each partner as part of his faith. Hopefully, when loans are given their micro traders can increase society. This is due to the additional new capital. With the additional new capital traders can expand or enlarge the scale of operations and the flexibility to maximize profits.

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