Peranan Budaya Organisasi dalam meningkatkan Motivasi Berwirausaha Mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi di Jakarta, Depok dan Tangerang

Faroman Syarief


The objective of this research is to know the effect of organizational culture towards motivation of state-colleges’ student in Jakarta, Depok and Tangerang. Survey was applied in this research which data had been analysed by SPSS after all variables put into a correlational matrix. The variables which are used in this research i.e. Organizational culture and Motivation. In this research, three state-colleges in Jakarta, Depok and Tangerang have been choosen as unit analysis and 150 samples were selected randomly. The result of the research shows that (1) Motivation of entrepreneur is positively effected by Organizational organization, (2) the correlation between organizational culture and motivation for entrepreneurship is significant, and (3) the percentage of variation of organizational culture variable in influencing entrepreneurial motivation is very large that is equal to 99.50%.. Based on those findings it could be concluded that any change or variation which occurred at Motivation of entrepreneurship might has been effected by Organizational culture. Therefore, in order to improve the motivation of entrepreneur, organizational culture should be put into strategic planning of student entrepreneurship program development at the state-colleges’ in Jakarta, Depok and Tangerang.

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