Pengaruh Motivasi terhadap Prestasi Kerja Karyawan Tetap pada Biro Organisasi dan Kepegawaian di Kementrian Sosial Republik Indonesia

Nurhidayati Nurhidayati, Kartika Yuliantari


This study aims to analyze the influence of motivation to of employee performance bureau of organization and human resources in the ministry of social indonesian central jakarta 2017 .Research methodology used is the method interview , observation , the questionnair , and documentation of with the quantitative approach consisting of variable free motivation and variable bound work performance .As for 7 indicators for variables motivation ( x ) of the theory riduwan and 3 indicators for variables work performance ( y ) of the theory ruduwan. the number samples to be taken as many as 42 respondents than 70 employees .In this research , the use writers software spss 22,0 the data obtained from the results of the answer respondents through the questionnair.This research findings the use writers comparison between r count with r table for measuring the validity and cronbach’s alpha reliability .To prove whether there were any influence between both variables , the use writers test a correlation coefficient , the coefficients determination , and the regression equation is .The research t count in the regression equation is is statistics t count > statistics t table namely 2,605 >1.68385 , based on the calculation on a conclusion can be drawn that is the of the incentives to work performance employees.

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