Implementasi Program Pendidikan Stimulasi Tumbuh Kembang Anak Pada Lembaga PAUD Plamboyan 3 Karawang

Masyrifah Masyrifah, Eko Haryadi


Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is the most important phase in stimulating the growth of children. A good growth stimulation will result in an extraordinary, talented and intelligent child. Proper handling of the most important phases in addition to the education provided by a mother, an educational institution is also required to plan a systematic and integrated stimulation program. PAUD Institution Flamboyan 3 Karawang is an institution that provides early childhood education in the form of Child Care Park (TPA), Playing Group (KB) and Early Childhood Education (PAUD) with centrally-based system. The institution has implemented a systematic and integrated education system of child development stimulation. However, in monitoring the growth and development of students still manual manual bias at risk of loss of important data and takes a long time in every process. Computerized system program is the best solution to monitor child growth stimulation in daily assessment, assessment of percentage, even assessment of physical development of children. A more computerized system ensures data security, prevents data redundancy and is more effective and efficient.
Application of this child growth stimulation education program can be used by the school to monitor the growth and development of students and report it to parents. It also introduces early bias technology to children with teacher guidance. This app is built using NetBeans 8.1 and Xampp

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