Perancangan Sistem Informasi Akuntansi General Ledger Pada UD. Rajawali Bogor

Yuli Susanti, Kudiantoro Widianto


UD. Rajawali is one of the Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in the trade of the sale of crackers. At UD. The current system of eagle is still written manually and less than optimal because it still uses the book as a medium of recording. So as to enable errors in recording and less accurate reports generated. UD. Rajawali really need an information system that can support the process of recording transactions up to the financial statements. For that, the author tries to make a system on accounting ledger on UD. Rajawali in order to provide ease in making financial statements. So the report produced more quickly and accurately. The design of information systems used in this research is waterfall which is the best solution to solve existing problems in this company. Computerized system is expected to achieve an activity that is effective and efficient in supporting the activities of the company. The method proposed in system development is by using tools Unified Modeling Language and using Java and MySQL programming language as its database.

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