Penerapan Algoritma Klasifikasi Data Mining Decision Tree Untuk Menentukan Penjurusan Siswa SMA 6 Tasikmalaya

Mira Kusmira, Richardus Eko Indrajit


SMA Negri 6 Tasikamlaya is one of senior high schools in Tasikmalaya city which currently has 2 majors, SCIENCE and SOCIAL. This student majors can lead learners to focus on developing their own abilities and interests. The selection of improper majors can be very detrimental to students’ interests and careers in the future. These majors are expected to maximize the potential, talent or individual talents which could increase its academic value. Based on the background, by applying the data mining techniques, it is expected to help students to determine the appropriate majors according to the criteria appointed. As for the data mining techniques which is used in the determination of this major uses Decision Tree method. While the attributes used to determine the majors consisted of Average Mathematical Value, Average Score Value, Average SOCIAL Score.This research is based on business intelligence which focused on determining the majors in SMA Negeri 6 Tasikmalaya by using the Decision Tree method.

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