Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Multimedia Interaktif Pada Siswa Madrasah Diniyah Al-Ahya

Ishak Kholil


Multimedia-based learning is now a widely used in education in Indonesia, madrasah diniyah which is one of the levels of non-formal education is still very langkat apply this. In this case the authors try to do research on the students / grade IV and teachers dimadrasah diniyah al-ahya with the aim of knowing 1) the level of student learning interest / i taught by using interactive multimedia, 2) the level of student learning interest that is taught without using Interactive multimedia, The subject of this study was conducted on the students of Madrasah Diniyah Al-Ahya Depok. Data collection techniques used in this study is to use methods of observation, interviews, questionnaires and documentation. The results indicate that there are some differences between student learning interest which are taught by using interactive multimedia and student learning interest which is taught without using interactive multimedia and multimedia usage is a good learning tool to hold an effective learning revolution in improving motivation, Facilitate teachers in teaching, increasing attention, quality of learning and results that can increase

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