Metode Regresi Linier Untuk Prediksi Pengadaan Inventaris Barang

Melisa Winda Pertiwi, Richardus Eko Indrajit


Data mining prediction techniques on the inventory of goods are needed in some places, in some cases there is a problems for procurement, for example in the Dinas Pariwisata Pemuda dan Olahraga Kota Tasikmalaya. This is due to the lack of a scientific method for predicting procurement. The prediction used for next years procurement is expected to produce a knowledge that can be used for making decision. Linear regression method is one of the methods that can predict (forecasting. In this resource is based on business intelligence that focuses to predict inventory of goods using linear regression method based on previous data, so we can know the accuracy of linear regression method to the data used by RMSE (Root Mean Square Error). The dataset's accuracy level of the method is appropriate or not. And we can know the minimum and maximum limit of dataset after using linear regression method.

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