Perancangan Sistem Informasi UMKM Pada Dinas Koperasi Usaha Kecil dan Menengah Kabupaten Bogor

Gita Amalia Pratiwi, Yoseph Tajul Arifin


The growth of IKM /UKM in Bogor Regency every year, make the Official of UMKM Bogor District has difficulty in every process of data collection of UMKM. IKM/UKM data collection activities in Bogor Regency are felt to be less effective and efficient because the data collection, still using manual system with by filling out the registration form that provided by DINAS UMKM. In addition to this problem existing on the business actors is the lack of media campaigns and marketing to support the business activities, this is often used by the traders intermediaries / dealers to get the maximum profit by pressing the selling price to business actors.
So the benefits and results obtained by the perpetrators of IKM /UKM less than the maximum. Based on this background the author tries to solve the existing problems by developing a system that can be used to record, process as well as promote and market products of IKM/UKM in Bogor Regency. UMKM information system is online and provided by the department of UMKM Bogor Regency. By utilizing the online system is expected to reduce and be a solution to the problems faced so far.

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