Implementasi Sistem Perencanaan Anggaran Dana Tahunan (E-Budgeting) Berbasis Object Pada CV. Candimas Semesta

Muhammad Ali Usman, Eko Haryadi


Annual budget planning is a routine activity that is always implemented by every company. This activity is an important activity because this activity determines the life of the company for the next year. CV. Candimas Semesta is one companies that always do budget annual planning activities, but still using the manual way. Using a computerized system is expected to assist business actors involved in the annual budget planning process to undertake such activities. With this system will lead the company can directly monitor the budget planning process and budget payments that have been proposed. Direct monitoring will have an impact on the faster decision-making process, so can minimize the impact of losses due to incorrect budget planning. This planning system is built with website technology, so this system can be accessed anytime and anywhere by budget planning actors as long as internet connection is available.

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